Case Study: Powell Stone & Gravel



Design and Develop website for Landscape and Masonry supply company. Market the website online, and redesign their logo.


Powell Stone and Gravel just recently moved to a larger, brand new location, where they were now able to sell products in house that would appeal to the residential homeowner in addition to their regular contractor customers.

They were also interested in a new logo to update their original logo, first created when the company was founded over 20 years prior. There had been attempts before to redesign a logo, but to no avail as each contender was not able to capture the image they were looking for.

Powell Stone wanted a new, fresh website to go with their new location. They also wanted to appeal to the homeowner by marketing their website online. Nmdesignz recognized that there were four large areas that needed to be addressed:

  1. Re-designed logo
  2. Showcase new location
  3. Showcase all of their products on their website
  4. Market their website online


Solution: Re-Designed Logo


The client expressed a “PSG” acronym and also a “sports-like” look. Nmdesignz came up with a variety of logos with this in mind, and through collaboration between client and company, came up with a new logo that was modern and translated well to any medium.

Shortly after the logo was revealed, it spread like wildfire throughout the company- Decals on their trucks, new apparel with the logo, banners, social media, and much more, which was well received by employees and customers.

 Solution: Showcase New Location

NMDesignz knew it was imperative to have professional photography done to showcase their new location. The images captured created a very realistic and substantial brand identity on their website and for future marketing.

 Solution: Showcase Client Products on Website

During our research process, we found that Powell actually had a vast array of products, thousands, that were constantly being updated with improved products. We understood that the scope of creating an e-commence site and the work load it would take to create pages for each individual product and also maintain a site of this size, was not in their budget or time frame.

NMDesignz dug deep into what their clients were really looking for, and came up with an innovative idea to translate this experience of “shopping in store” We came up with online catalogs, where clients can choose the general product they are looking for, and flip through a product book to find the right style and specifications they want. This allowed for the customer to shop online, and call to place their order, without having to come into the building.

These flip catalogs also allowed for Powell to showcase products they may not carry all the time, and update them when products books change. Therefore increasing their selling power online while having a much lower inventory on hand cost.

Solution: Market Website Online- SEM

As a marketing company immersed in the ever evolving web, we assured PSG that it was imperative to have a plan of marketing their website once it’s live. We used the analogy “once you purchase a dump truck- you need to drive it in order to make money.”

NMDesignz started them on a Search Engine Marketing campaign to boost their online presence. We advised that with continual efforts, they will only start to see progress after the third month. However, with our rigorous marketing efforts, traffic to the site was vastly increasing within the first 4 weeks. Going from a very low amount of about 10 visitors a week to almost 1400 visitors.


graph 2

Also, you can see the increase in daily calls according to this Google Analytic report.

daily calls


The Art of the Tagline

“Brand mantras are poetry. And they are powerful tools, not just for building brands, but for building organizations.” – Chris Grams The Ad Free Brands

I often get the question from business owners “Should we have a tagline?” I most often respond with a yes. Why? A tagline is a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence, personality, positioning, and distinguishes the company from it’s competitors.

Here are a few essential characteristics a tagline should have:

  • Short
  • Differentiated from it’s competitors
  • Unique
  • Captures the bran essence and positioning
  • Easy to say and remember
  • No negative connotations
  • Displayed in small font
  • Can be protected and trademarked
  • Evokes an emotional response
  • Difficult to create

A tagline can say a lot about your company, there are different angles you can take in creating a tagline:

Imperative: Commands action and usually starts with a verb i.e. YouTube Broadcast Yourself

Descriptive: Describes the service, product, or brand promise i.e. Allstate You’re in Good Hands

Superlative: Positions the company as best in class i.e. BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine 

Provocative: Thought-provoking; frequently a question i.e. Dairy Council Got Milk?

Specific: Reveals the business category i.e. Volkswagen Drivers Wanted


Wheeler, Alina. “Taglines.” Designing Brand Identity. 4th ed. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2013. 24-25. Print.